Hi All,

Short video on how to download the Windows 10 Enterprise 1903 ISO if you do not have access to the Volume License Center or the Visual Studio Center.

Also the Script to export a install.wim from the install.esd file which is inside the ISO.

Command to run for MediacreationTool1903.exe:

Mediacreationtool1903.exe /Eula Accept /MediaLangCode en-US /Retail /MediaArch x64 /MediaEdition Enterprise

Powershell Script to Export as WIM:

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:D:sourcesinstall.esd

# Prompt user for what version they’d like to choose

$version = Read-Host -prompt ‘Select index you wish to convert into wim’
# Converts selected version of Windows into E:install.

dism /export-image /SourceImageFile:D:sourcesinstall.esd /SourceIndex:$version /DestinationImageFile:E:install.wim /Compress:max /CheckIntegrity

Hopefully this helps for somebody!

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