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Product description

Stay connected with your loved ones. Your loved one might be miles apart, but the Quantum QHM495LM 25MP webcam bridges the distance with life-like picture quality and excellent sound reproduction. It has a built-in microphone that helps you to chat with them online and enjoy clear conversation in a video call. Simply clip this 6 led webcam on your PC or laptop and start chatting without downloading any drivers. The web camera also has six lights that automatically switch on in the dark. It also has 16 special effects and 10 backgrounds frames. Pep up your images in these frames and add special effects for added fun. Clean Picture, Clear Sound. This USB webcam with mic comes with high speed USB 2.0 interface. The webcam also offers great camera resolution and is available with AWB (Automatic Whiteness Balance) so that you get clear and natural images. The Quantum 25MP night vision webcam has some advanced features like brightness control, sharpness control and adjust that help you get the expected high-quality image output. With the CMOS sensor incorporated in this webcam, the images are rendered with supreme quality. It is the most easy and amazing way to feel close to your loved ones while you enjoy face-to-face chats with them. 10x digital zoom. Six white lights. Built-in sensitive microphone. Snap shot mode for taking all pictures. Adjustable brightness, sharpness and colour. Anti-flicker. Comes with AWB (Automatic Whiteness Balance).

1. Inbuilt sensitive microphone and image sensor quality CMOS sensor
2. Image resolution interpolated to 25 mega pixels with 6 light sensors
3. Image control color saturation, brightness, sharpness and brightness is adjustable
4. Snap shot switch for taking still pictures. Focus Range 4cm to infinity
5. Anti-flicker 50Hz, 60Hz or outdoor
6. Resolution hardware: 500K pixels
7. Image quality: RGB24 or I420
8. Exposure: Auto or manual and angle of view: 58 Degree
9. Interface: USB2.0
10.Frame rate: 30 fps (max)

25MP Web Camera by Quantum- Capture your Emotions!

No matter where you go, you can always bridge the gap between you and your loved ones by choosing this web camera from Quantum. The camera comes with premium CMOS light sensors and an inbuilt microphone, which helps you to chat without any hindrance. Over all, it is a sturdy camera which just needs to be clipped on your laptop or PC, and you can get started instantly. All these features lead to distortion-free video calls with great picture clarity.


This webcam comes with a resolution of 25 MP. Therefore it provides a great audio-visual clarity and helps in uninterrupted video calling.

Audio Visual Clarity

With the Quantum 25MP web camera, you can enjoy video-calling with great clarity. The webcam comes with automatic white balance feature, which keeps your visual natural and clear throughout the video call.

Pivoting Mounts

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