Proofs that binjin are dating part 5 || Son Ye Jin (손예진) & Hyun Bin (현빈) is real

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comrades-deul I’m backk aha sorry for starving you guys. I’m a lazy potato so this took me a week to edit lol but since i starved you guys I’m working on another binjin video ahh~

I’m really sorry if this part doesn’t really have that many proofs but i hope you guys still enjoyed it ^^

Btw who’s excited for baeksang awards??? I’m really excited to see our mum and dad (especially our mum because she’s busy gardening these days lol)


»some of music i used are from 샛별 – daystar

» i only own the edit 😛

»stan : #hyunbin #sonyejin #binjin

»the voice in the video is obviously not mine so please don’t bash me for any wrong pronunciations



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29 thoughts on “Proofs that binjin are dating part 5 || Son Ye Jin (손예진) & Hyun Bin (현빈) is real

  1. hi, we are asking for your help on voting for Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin for the Popularity Award on Baeksang Awards 2020 on Tiktok 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 just go to @baeksang.official on tiktok, click the link on their bio, & vote. Each tiktok account has 3 votes each for male & female categories but you get +2 extra votes when you share the link 🥺💓

  2. Guys, please vote for them for the Baeksang Arts awards via TikTok! SYJ is currently second place. If you ship them then please let them win together!

  3. Chimaek I agree with you. He referred that statement to SYJ. She did not expect that HB is going to tell that in public. She pondered for a while and become speechless. She did not notice that HB is looking at her.

  4. i dont even need your dating issues or whatever it is, i just need your married news clarification. Period

  5. Can't thank you enough for making this series! waiting to see them both at the award on 6/5!!!! Please please please make a note of any hints from the award ceremony!!! thanksssss

  6. Thanks so much chimaek I know there isn’t much proof and it takes time and effort to go find it as they as u know don’t want others to know. I really like all these and am so happy u satisfied my delulu mind

  7. Hahahaha I’m waiting for this part 5 3 days ago, but can we check with the director of the CLOY ! Hahaha for sure he knows everything. He has alway this very big smile and always happy and I feel in his actions there is something between the two. Hahahhaha time to hunt🤗

  8. OMG Chimaek thank you so much😘this is the best part i've read so far and the torns from my heart lossens from so much happiness.I love your explaination from Hyunbin's definition of happiness and Hyunbin got my heart became sad for him but i hope their love would stick more to each other that's what i am praying for both of them.Don't give up! Bin❤Jin love you both.

  9. Well thank you very much for this.
    I'm beginning to hate HB sorry because of some issues where he visited the other woman on her condo.
    If it is not true why are they doing this to HB and SYJ especially.
    Take note the worlds within ek ek subscription I saw they inserted an old movie of syj started all from HB and SYJ kissing scene then the old movie. Sorry for this I hope you can understand me. So much for HB, he has always a hard feeling from the movie of SITR, as I saw the picture he was there, he visited reading also the script, he done nothing at all because maybe it is hard to argue or things to make the scene right it settled already the SITR. Pls. Forgive me, HB try to look the situation of SYJ take good care of her. We love you both.

  10. They r awesome couple . BinJin couple look so perfect n beautiful as if God has created them for each other ❤️😍🥰👩‍❤️‍👨

  11. They look so cute together❤️ Thank you for this video, smiling the whole time watching this, I need more❤️

  12. Ohemghee I’m just loving it… thank you thank you for making this videos 😊 are posting this on Instagram soon? 😀

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