July – In Love

Âm Nhạc

Album Name : In Love
Album Released Date : 2012. 03. 16

– Track List –

01. Love Theme
02. In Love
03. Snow Rain
04. In The Wind
05. Hyacinth
06. Long Good-Byes
07. Somewhere
08. Remember Me
09. December
10. Walking To Heaven

I am a Korean composer named July.
I wrote this music and I am a copyright holder.
This music has already been released as an album in Korea and is registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association.

Composer : July
Copyright holder : July

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Nguồn: https://cafeaz.net

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23 thoughts on “July – In Love

  1. 이더 뭔가 세월호 하고 연돤되는 음악인듯하다…난 피해자가 아닌데 상황을 떠올리면 너무 불쌍하다…내 일 아닌데..
    자꾸 눈물이 난다…하늘에서 모두 편히 쉬세요..

  2. 16년에 줄라이 유튜브 팬채널이 구독자 많았었는데 구독자가 다시 많아졌으면 좋겠다

  3. 하루도 안빠지고 거의 매일같이 듣는곡.. 질릴때도 됐는데 안질리고 넘 조아요ㅠ

  4. Musica zekah imer pevar – yakavah!
    (당신의 음악은 훌륭합니다 찬양받을 만합니다 위대합니다!)

  5. I come here for Sweet dance. ❤
    Who come here for Sweet dance.❤
    This song is so beautiful 💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Relaxing with In Love. I am feel comfortable and thank you. Sleeping and take a rest after study tired in school

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