How to Install Windows Media Player in Windows 10

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In the event you find Windows Media Player missing from your Windows 10 computer, this video walks you through how to reinstall the application.

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Video Transcript:
While Windows Media Player is included with all releases of Windows 10, there have been instances where a Microsoft update included a bug that removed the application. Additionally, maybe you or someone else using your computer removed the application to free up a bit of space. Regardless of why Windows Media Player is missing, getting it back is a piece of cake if you can’t live without it, and you can reinstall the application in a matter of minutes.

And now, let’s walk through how to install or reinstall Windows Media Player on your Windows 10 computer.

Step 1. Navigate to your Windows 10 home screen.

Step 2. Right-click the “Windows” icon in the lower left corner of the screen. A menu appears.

Step 3. Click “Settings” in the list of options that appear in the menu. The Windows Settings screen appears.

Step 4. Click “Apps.” The Apps & Features screen appears.

Step 5. Click “Manage Optional Features” in the Apps & Features section on the right side of the screen. The Manage Optional Features screen appears.

Step 6. Click the “Add a Feature” button that appears beneath Optional Features and features a “+” icon to the left of it. The Optional Features screen appears.

Step 7. Scroll down until you see Windows Media Player. Click “Windows Media Player.” A brief description of Windows Media Player and an Install button appear beneath Windows Media Player.

Step 8. Click the “Install” button beneath Windows Media Player. The Windows Media Player option disappears on the Optional Features screen. Click the “Back” arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to return to the Manage Optional Features screen. The Windows Media Player option now appears on this screen, with a progress bar to the right of it displaying its installation progress. After the installation is complete, you’ll see Windows Media Player appear in this list.

Step 9. You can verify that Windows Media Player is now installed on your Windows 10 computer by clicking the “Windows” icon on the far left side of your taskbar and finding Windows Media Player in the Recently Added section that appears in the upper left corner of the window. Alternatively, you can also scroll down the list of applications on the left side of the screen until you get to the W section, click “Windows Accessories,” and then locate Windows Media Player. You can click either option to launch Windows Media Player.


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37 thoughts on “How to Install Windows Media Player in Windows 10

  1. is there another way I have done this like a hundred times even after clicking install wmp is no where to be found on my computer

  2. I can't find windows media player in the list you talked about. So what do I do now? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  3. wow. I found win media player, back one page. shows as installed; however pc won't let me find it. thanks anyway.

  4. No it doesn't. I followed your steps only to find no "apps & features" or, "optional features" anywhere on my
    Windows 10, in Settings, or with a search, or even in the Microsoft store. NADA!!

  5. What if i can find my media player in my PC but i cant play music and as preset for playing music it showing TWINUII and when i choose WMP it just shut down settings and nothing happen… I need help please

  6. I just had my laptop fixed as the hard drive packed up so it had to have a new hard drive so all my music went, it came back yesterday but couldn't find how to get media player back, I tried your option but it didn't show media player in the thing so I thought what next so I left clicked on the windows button, scrolled down to the letter W, left clicked on Windows Accessories, scrolled down and bingo Windows Media Player, clicked on it and bingo but you have to right click on Media Player then left click more then pin to task bar so it's there every time you need it, just need to find a way of re downloading all my music LOL

  7. If you like me was stuck look for optional features under apps scroll down to media player install. Type it into the search bar at the start menu (if you can't find it) and pin it to taskbar. 🙂

  8. Fantastic! Thank you for your help video. My WMP kept crashing, so I uninstalled it but didn't know how to re-install.
    Even all of my songs are still there.

  9. By the way, it seems to me like you responded to many of the comments that patted you on the back for your GREAT video. But, then, you have only some — actually, not so many — responses to those who told you that it didn't work . . . with no follow-up whatsoever that I could see. Not cool.

  10. I followed all your steps . . . and, it still didn't work.
    WMP disappears for a second and, then, re-appears back in the "Optional Features" list.

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