how to install windows 7 ultimate 32 bit without cd
Step 1. Download Windows-7-ultimate-32-64-iso
Step 2. Turn ON your PC and Press BOOT Key “F2,F9,F10.F11,F12” CD/DVD/USB. Select that option. Windows will start loading its files.
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Step 3. Get the Windows Setup Window. This is the part to select Language for your windows. Select “English” and click Next. AND “INSTALL NOW’ button. Click on it and proceed to next step.
Step 4. license agreement. Check on “I ACCEPT” and proceed to NEXT. Option to install windows. “UPGRADE” and “CUSTOM”. Right now we are installing a clean version so Click on CUSTOM.
Step 5. Partition of your drive. Be careful, this is the most important part of the Installation. In this you will allocate spaces to your drive. If you want to create a new drive, simply click on a drive and then click “NEW”. A new drive will be created.
Step 6. Install windows. Click on ‘NEXT’ to proceed.
Step 7. Windows will start installing its files.
Step 8. Now when you files are installed. Your PC will be restart and now you will see is a “User Settings” Screen. Simply add your Name and password and proceed to “NEXT”
Step 9. Now you have Installed you windows.

Congratulations:- You have installed you windows,

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