How to Install Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10

Guys, In this tutorial I’m going to teach you How to Install Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10. If you have another window such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1 you can also follow the video tutorial.

First of All, you need to open Browers and Search on it Visual Studio 2017. Once you have searched you can see many websites will appear. You need to open First Website namely

Then the Next step is Guys, You can see left side Visual Studio IDE under text you can see the download button, you need to click on it and select community 2017 version.

Once you have clicked on it, then you need to wait a couple of seconds, after waiting for you VS application has been downloaded on your computer.

Basically, You need to Open VS 2017 downloaded file, then you need to wait a couple of seconds to display the installation process. After waiting a couple of seconds, you need to you redirect to another option.

On this Page, you need to Select the Package you want to use on Visual Studio, In my case, I select .NET Desktop Development. If you want to add another package you can do that.

Then You need Select Path or Location to Install Visual Studio 2017, Basically, The Default Path already included, if you want to change you can do that.

After completing this process you need to Click on Install Button, once you have click on Install Button, you need to Wait Couple of Hours, Basically, It depends on your internet speed.

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