Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – Uprooting the Rose (HBO)


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50 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – Uprooting the Rose (HBO)

  1. Lena Headey as Cersei gave depth and substance to the show of course, the writers wrote her part but it takes a genius to perform that part in front of the camera. I was more upset on Cersei's death than that of Daenerys'.

  2. this and red wedding will always be best and saddest scene all the time. this cast could do more amazing things if it werent those two..

  3. i came from the end to say " this is the best ep in the show " you should stop here… you will ruin your life with the rest

  4. This episode would have been meaningless without Ramin Djawadi golden touch. Thanks Ramin for the great masterpiece as always.

  5. They should've had Cersei dress in black because she entered a perpetual mourning for her children, not because the showrunners wanted to dress her like Darth Vader.

  6. At 4.25, we see Jamie Lannister observing the explosion. This was not in the episode right? Jamie was not there during the explosion. He came later, if I'm not mistaken.

  7. Turn on closed captions and scroll to 3:12. Margaery wanted to poop, no wonder she wanted to leave so badly!

  8. I was worried for Tommen when Dany was on her way to Westeros. But since he's dead, she can burn anyone in her way I don't care anymore. Except for Jon.

  9. Tommen didn't want to believe the rumours about his parents. He didn't
    want to believe that his whole life was a lie, that he had no claim to
    the throne this whole time… But upon looking at the remains of the
    Sept of Baelor, he saw his mother's madness. He didn't want to believe
    it… But now the fact that Cersei took everything away from him is
    staring him straight in the face. He can't deny it any longer.
    Everything they said about his mother was true. He was an abomination.
    The truth felt like mountains on his shoulders. The only woman or thing
    he ever truly cared about… Margaery… gone. What he thought was his
    first achievement in bringing any kind of prosperity to the realm
    (combining the crown with the faith) was all returned to the dirt. The
    distant sounds of wailing and screaming danced in his mind as he sat,
    paralysed with shock. The servant beside him kept talking but he heard
    nothing. He felt nothing.

    The lump in his throat get bigger as he remembered Margaery's smile. As
    his mind drifted to her, it dawned on him that it was all his fault,
    that If he didnt ban Trial by Combat his mother wouldve never resorted
    to these extremes. That maybe she'd still be alive and by his side. He
    failed her the first time when the faith took her away and locked her in
    a dungeon for months to suffer, and now he's failed her again, this
    time for good. He finally accepted what kind of king he was. He realised
    he could never protect her, and that he was always going to be weak.,
    that he will never be a true lion or stag. His fingers traced over the
    intricate engravings and up to the antlers as he removed the crown. he
    felt overwhelming freedom for the first time in a long, long time. He
    closed his eyes and breathed in the air of the Red Keep one last time.
    It smelled of fresh linens and a thick air of calmness. He smiled as he
    made his first and final decision.

    I'm coming, Margaery. I won't be weak anymore. I promise..

  10. ONE wrinkle he says…. what about the only person she has left, her brother who forsook his honor to prevent what she herself wrought?

  11. For me Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow) was the best actor in GoT so far and the competition is pretty high.

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