Nhạc: NS Lê Minh Bằng
Dịch và thể hiện: Đặng Bá Đạo
Facebook: Dao Ba Dang
On outskirts, I have a simple house
It’s small but pretty, live alone days by days
The neighbor, she lives in the rich
A lot of good things, have cars to pick up
At night under moonlight, I and my guitar quietly wail
And my neighbor girl visits my house when light is on.

I don’t sing well, play guitar badly
But she usually adds praise to me
Make my heart and my soul flutter
As heartfelt and warm words of couple in love

2 years’s passing, but love’s still unknown
I’m too small in this big world
How can be a strong back for her ?
I’m scared dreams will be broken
Make us sadder.

Then one day, I have gone away
I try to forget the love on that day
Thanks to time – the best medicine
Separate love between us, so she forgets

Wedding card informs me that she’ll marry a rich husband
Her life’s so lucky, has she missed this poor musician ?

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