Âm Nhạc

Some Funky Acoustic Bass slapping!
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TABS and Backing Tracks:
Thanks to Mircea Adam, Lucas, Alex, lissajoux, Rand Aquino, Benjamin Lafitte, Lee Atkins and all my patrons for supporting this video 🙂

Filmed at the YouTube Space in London

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50 thoughts on “ACOUSTIC BASS SOLO

  1. Oh my god you are possibly the best bass player I’ve ever seen like wtf? How are you not famous???? This is insane!

  2. WAIT I just realized this bass solo arrangement is very similar to Solar (korean singer) – Spit It Out which released in 2020, if you want to hear she has the intrument version only. The bass line is same…

  3. Yeah i have got a challenge for you – Play Jimi Hendrix Machine Gun Solo In Guitar Note Per Note IF YOU CAN😎

  4. Ohh my goodness… Very very Nice Davie… I appreciate too much this sound…
    Congratulations man…

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