2019 Christian Family Movie | "A Mother's Love" | A Heart-touching Christian Story

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Christian Movie “A Mother’s Love” (English Dubbed):
A Mother’s Love is a Christian family movie that examines the subject of how to raise children.
“Knowledge can change your fate” and “The son becomes a dragon, the daughter becomes a phoenix” are the hopes that nearly all parents have for their children. To ensure that her daughter Jiarui is able to pass her university entrance exams and test into a good university, Xu Wenhui decides to retire from her job as a sales director to accompany Jiarui as she studies to retake her tests. Xu Wenhui’s high-pressure teaching methods and the competitive stress of the college entrance examinations drive her daughter to collapse, and nearly to desperation. Xu Wenhui feels deep remorse over this: She thought that everything she did was for her daughter’s benefit, but instead, she only caused her daughter pain and hurt…. This is when her old classmate Fang Xinping preaches God’s gospel to her. Through reading God’s word, Xu Wenhui finally understands why pursuing ideals like “Knowledge can change your fate” will only hurt herself and her child, and comes to understand how to educate her daughter in a way that expresses real love …

Christian Family Movie “Where Is My Home”

Christian Family Movie “Child, Come Back Home”

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29 thoughts on “2019 Christian Family Movie | "A Mother's Love" | A Heart-touching Christian Story

  1. My husband and I just watched the English dubbed version on the Christian Movie app on our Roku tv. It was good! I like the mother and daughter. This was my first time watching a dubbed movie. I will watch more.

  2. Thank you I have been very demanding to my children with their studies and this movie has showed me my mistakes that I do at home with my husband and my two children. Good movie.

  3. To many parents exasperate there children into studying
    Life needs to be balanced I’ve raised 5 children
    Yes I encouraged them to learn a trade
    So they can have a job and that’s it .
    So many suicide because or putting pressure on there children
    Every child is diffrent don’t ever compare others to your child ability
    Always praise your children love them help them .
    But don’t put pressure on there brains .
    As in the end it will shut down …
    So sad story but this is reality in many homes acrosss the world specially China japan
    India it’s sad
    Look at that poor child now so depressed wanted to commit suicide .
    Love your children .
    So parents think to much of what others 🤔
    Don’t do it to your kids we all love our children
    But don’t overdrive them to suicide …
    Now my children all married and 3have become missionary pioneers to help
    Others get to know God
    But they work also to survive and I’m always hear to help them if they get stuck .
    In the Bible it says
    Ephesians 6:4
    Fathers do not exasperate your children ,
    Instead bring them up in the training and instruction of God Jehovah .
    Agape love ❤️
    Good film though ….

  4. The Christian movie "A Mother's Love," now dubbed in English, has been released! Please enjoy watching.
    "A Mother's Love"(English Dubbed) : https://youtu.be/7npsSJjbzI8

  5. The book they read explains clearly the purpose of man’s pursuing knowledge and the root of man’s suffering. It makes this stubborn mother change her viewpoint of pursuing knowledge to change fate, and thus receive liberation in the spirit. this is not a simple book! !

  6. Parents all love their children. Is it real love to give them a lofty position in this world, or to let them have a position in God’s kingdom? This movie gives us good light. 💛💛 Thanks for the production!

  7. Amen so wonderful movie,,,peoples lives believing and keep holding on satanic philosophies that I've been experienced to and thank for His new words that reveals this satanic philosophies I will not believe any more and I forsake my motto in life that my own fate is n my own hands,the more I suffer the more I will be succeed,as a daughter this is my belief but now thank God I was released now.

  8. Unbelievable! If you push your child to achieve a high goal, it will kill their talent and make them lose happiness and freedom. Pray for these kids.

  9. the true motherly love, the great mother ,is to bring her children to God and let God control the fate of their children, instead of relying on parents to plan their future destiny for their children.

  10. Thanks for sharing I love it. This video really really touching my heart i cry when i watch this movie i think this video changing me…

  11. what a wonderful movie. Its really opened our eyes the parents who forced their kids to gain best position in the world but not position in the heaven. i am very thankful to you for this eye opening movie. praise to the lord. may god bless you and my family following your videos and really we got a lot of spiritual strength. thankyou very much.

  12. All the Glory be Almighty God!! This movie is so beneficial for all of us. The fate of mankind is in God's hands.

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